Anjan Das

Anjan Das has established himself firmly as a top-shelf Creative Director who is much sought after by every international publication who have set up shop in India or are in the process of doing so. His leading, innovative and cutting edge design work over the years has made him the go to guy for these publishing houses of word wide repute – be it  Forbes & Forbes Life, Grazia, Travel + Leisure, Rolling Stone or Maxim.
Anjan’s repertoire of work in the publication business is not limited to design leadership which typically involves working closely with the Editor, Editor-in-chief and Photo Editor but also extends to handling launch editions – Art direct & design branding & promotions for the identity of the entire brand during the launch; directing and collaborating with editors, photo editors; plan, visualize and art direct photo shoots; creating dynamic spreads, openers, info graphics; commissioning wide range of photographers and illustrators; hire & supervise deputies/designers; manage art/production budgets; oversee printing; train interns; working closely with online edition editor & digital teams to develop new ideas for the online branding &  digital (iPad) editions; overseeing in house (marketing) branding, promotions & identities and most importantly understanding and devising, strategizing on market positioning of each magazine edition in an extremely competitive market.
He, similarly has a wealth of freelance projects under his belt from over the years which includes and extends to projects as varied as magazine redesigns; coffee table books; book jackets; web projects to full-fledged branding assignments.
Anjan’s mastery over his design language is unique, simple, uncluttered, elegant and extremely contemporary. Yet his designs have an energy which galvanizes reader’s/viewer’s attention immediately. He is constantly pushing the boundaries with his work making sure that clients get more than what they asked for, every time. His design philosophy transcends cultural, political and geographical influences that it becomes one which burns with an extraordinary individual and iconic flair. His designs are accomplished with confidence but keeping the messaging always right on target. His many varied work samples over the years is a testimony to that and showcases his attention to detail and highly refined design sensibilities.
Anjan’s personal interest in keeping a tab on the best design work around the globe and his interactions while collaborating with international editors/photographers while on the job, not only helps him keep abreast of the latest design and technology developments  but also allows him to understand and inculcate modern day work/office professionalism in everything he does.
His creative energy, sense of design and esthetics feeds off his zest and love for life and its adventures. This is reflected in his favorite past time activities which includes being an accomplished home chef, biking and in being an avid traveler. It also reflects in his wealth of knowledge and interest about pop culture – be it music, movies, TV, art or something as different as sneaker design.

Profile Illustration: Francesco Poroli